Allied integrated Management strongly believes that training is one of the most crucial factors to guaranteeing that a client’s expectations are continually exceeded.

In consultation with our clients, we develop a tailored induction and training program that all staff will complete prior to commencement. Training programs include provision for refresher training for all staff throughout the duration of the contract. Training is also leveraged to compliance with risk assessments directly focused on preventative actions.

We believe that effective security involves identifying client expectations and addressing potential areas of risk and concern, preventing such risks from materialising and responding to any problems quickly and effectively when intervention is ineffective. We value the importance of regular, challenging and role-specific training such as simulations and scenarios for all our staff.

Allied ensures the strictest compliance with training and licensing requirements and maintains a Training Matrix to continually monitor and ensure our staff are trained and licensed. We also use a Training Needs Matrix for management staff to identify staff that have the potential to undertake further training and upskilling.