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Quality Policy

Allied Integrated Management is a diverse business with 5 separate businesses which offer the following services for facilities management offering cleaning; security; pest control; traffic management and civil works.

Leadership is committed to comply with our legal and other requirements such as codes of practice and is committed to best practice led by competent and trained professionals.

Leadership will maintain and strictly follow the requirements of a certified system to ISO 9001:2015.

Leadership is committed to customer satisfaction and monitoring its customer relations and progress on a consistent basis.

Our objectives and targets are established and reviewed to improve our quality performance both meeting and exceeding customer requirements. Our objectives are in harmony with the strategic direction of the business based on sound risk management principles. 

Leadership actively promotes risk-based thinking and awareness of this policy, quality management principles and practice amongst its staff and outsourced contractors, suppliers.

Leadership will monitor and review the quality and performance of its supply chain and keep strict quality control over its logistics, operations, supplied products and services via a robust monitoring process. Our workers and staff will be encouraged to grow leadership skills and maintain their competencies. Workers will be required to work safely and report any quality or safety issue, incident and these will be thoroughly investigated.

Our leadership is committed to review and maintain the effectiveness of the quality management system through its risk and opportunities process and a robust corrective action system.

Leadership is committed to the continual improvement and improvement of its quality management system.

This policy will be communicated to our interested parties and be publicly available.


Amer Awad
Chief Executive Officer
Allied Integrated Management

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