The EDGE is Allied’s proprietary developed and continuously refined reporting and compliance software platform.

This platform provides our clients with comprehensive assurances and transparency in association with all of the services that Allied Integrated Management deliver.

The EDGE is a fully modular and tailored interface that can be accessed anywhere and anytime you have internet access to any device, including personal mobile phones.

All the oversight and reassurance you need in one easily accessible and convenient platform, the EDGE.

Time is always an important factor when needing clarification of information. Where, what and when did an incident happen? Do we have evidence, photos, and records?

Do you need a report?  No problem, the EDGE will compile an effective report that is designed around your needs


Our employees can login and out every day so you can see where they are.
We can call employees to be placed on a roster


Our employees have instant access on their phones, tablets and office computers.
We can send messages to them instantly

Human resources

Policies & procedures are available for employees to be up to date with changes and compliance information

Our service delivery feedback and review process allows us to incorporate client driven enhancements to cover security incident reports, public liability and compliance auditing to  ensures we are always streamlining and enhancing policies and procedures across all areas of our business.


Key Offerings
Work Health & Safety
Environmental needs
Anywhere, any time